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Intelligence is
optimizing the

- Forbes Magazine

AI integration is designed to collect and learn from data, optimize decision making, then deliver insights back to employers and candidates, allowing for continuous improvement, guards against bias, and optimal efficiency


of the global workforce will
consist of millennials in 2025.

- Deloitte

More than 25% of Americans weren't searching for a job when they learned about their current position.




79% of job seekers say they use social networks in their job search

- Glassdoor


of employers say they can’t find the workers with the skills they need

- Manpower Group


of job seekers try to find information about salaries when researching a company or looking at job ads

- Glassdoor

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Talk to us, we'll handle the rest. You need hardworking, you need out-of-the-box thinking, you need the perfect match - positive attitudes, seamless transitions, and superlative talent. We have what you need. We don't provide applicants, we provide candidates that have been vetted and handpicked to match your needs.

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Whether or not you already have your job descriptions and requirements written out, we're ready to jump in! We'll help you layout your job listings to ensure they recieve the attention they deserve from the audience you need. Let us do the rest, we'll focus on spreading the word, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Visualize job interest and candidate statistics conveniently within your employer dashboard. Here, you'll be able to view screened and selected candidate profiles, receive background and screening reports, view our managed job listings, schedule interviews, and more. Swoop provides all of the information you need to make an informed choice when selecting your next hire.

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Leave it to us, you're in good hands. We’ll handle today's tasks, so you can thrive tomorrow. Swoop will provide the best candidates for your open positions, you just pick who you want to hire. It's that easy.

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Swoop is the leading innovative recruitment agency in the tech space. Our team of experts leverage an AI powered platform to provide candidates and employers with the best possible alignment of goals and careers.

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