No Bullshit. Not just a tagline, it’s our company culture.

Our team understands the aggravations associated with the traditional hiring process. Afterall, we’ve been on both sides of it. We, ourselves, were once candidates. Today, we are entrepreneurs. 

Quite frankly, we’re tired of working with hiring agencies who don’t invest time into understanding the needs of their employers. We are appalled by the number of recruiters who know nothing about the position they are scouting for. 

The traditional staffing model has become obsolete. We created SWOOP to revolutionize the hiring process. 

The SWOOP Promise

With our personalized approach, we set the standard for staffing companies around the world. Furthermore, we challenge the industry to evolve with us; to promote authenticity, to bleed transparency, and to work efficiently.

Stop wasting time. With Swoop, job-seekers get a personalized agent to help them feel qualified for the career opportunity we help them apply for.

We follow up. Job-seekers will hear from us throughout the process. Whether it is to help them prepare a laser targeted resume, prep for interviews, work with one of our career specialists, or get feedback from recently applied jobs, we will help you obtain your perfect career and we won’t stop until we do.

For our most respected clientele, we get you back to doing what you do best, running your business. We believe in hiring people, not resumes. We work with candidates differently, educating them about your specific needs, the interview process, and screening and vetting them to make sure they will be someone that fits the company culture and is qualified to fulfil the role.

Save time, work with Swoop.


Founded to ease the pain of the hiring process for employers and job-seekers.

More than just matching resumes to job descriptions. We work with each job-seeker personally and guide them along the way to getting hired.

A vast and growing network of job-seekers who work with us consistently and return to us to help in the future.

Logan Merkle

CEO / Founder

Logan graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Computer Science. His background is in cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud infrastructure working with mission critical IT systems in the government and commercial sectors. He started Swoop to connect talented technical minds with amazing companies.


Work together!