You’re busy, the last thing you need is a stack of resumes to review. Let us bring you results, not just resumes. Simple. Straight-forward. All in one place.


We’ll bring you a list of prequalified, hard-working individuals whose skill sets align seamlessly with your needs. 


Like one of our recommended candidates? We thought you might! Ready for next steps? We’re already on it! We’ll run your background checks, take care of the paperwork, organize equipment delivery, and prepare your new hire for their first day.

Nothing but kind words from me. These guys were professional and brought the best candidates. I'll definitely continue to use them for my hiring needs.

Jon Allen

Talent Acquisition

They were efficient and I experienced no wasted time. Took away the pain of hiring and brought me some all-star employees.

I really liked how knowledgeable the recruiters at Swoop were. They bring the best talent for some of our toughest positions to fill just when we need it!

Emma London

Hiring Manager